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Restarting... Sort of

My whole plan of a first post after the long break was to start showing you around my new home. 
However, my darling girl has started having medical problems again so instead of this being a strictly crafty blog, it may become a "project to give your kids while going thru medical testing" and/or "how to battle medical insurance ... And win!" And maybe a little whining and how do I over come this now...who knows!?!? ... With me- you never can tell....
If you'd like to read more about my daughters plight...
Chey's Journey:


Tooth Fairy

This magical creature that exchanges money (or other items) for teeth has become controversial at my house... Maybe this is because she has "forgotten" to come.... Or "so many teeth were lost last night so she ran out of money but will come tonight" ... Or maybe she keeps getting caught ("mom- why is your hand under my pillow?").... Whatever the reason - one thing remains the same..,, she bags and documents each lost tooth. When the kids of this house find out- she may be titled and silly, crazy ... Or very unstable and needing psychiatric care (especially when they find HER wisdom tooth that she wouldn't leave the dr office without but has no recollection of the argument) ... But hopefully they will enjoy the stories attached...

How do you document the tooth fairy visits??

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Holiday Tree Update!

Happy February!

January seemed to slip right by! With getting back to school, sick kids, back to back winter storms, shoveling feets of snow... Wheew! Well at least my abs are starting their workout. Lol!

I'm enjoy decorating my holiday tree.... Sort of. I really liked January's! February... It looks a little ... Junky(?) ... But my kids are thrilled and had fun decorating it. And my dearest husband is getting into the spirit of the Holiday Tree. In fact- he is usually the one to turn it on at night! Maybe I'll convert him into a crafter yet!! (Cracking up)
Here's our creation!

What fun things are you doing to decorate??
- Jamie M.

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Festive Holiday Tree

HELLO! Happy January!

I have to tell you- I really do despise this time of year. After Christmas decor is taken down and put away for next years use my house seems so DULL and EMPTY! Then I get the blues.... Do you have this problem??


New Year Resolution

Where did 2012 go? Our house was a busy place. Mostly filled with school and Theatrical Performances.
Now's the time many people set "New Year Resolutions"... This is a tradition in our house but I realized that I didn't know its origin... So I did some searches and thought you may enjoy a brief overview...
"A New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. A key element to a New Year's Resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. People committing themselves to a New Year's resolution generally plan to do so for the whole following year. This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous.


Tissue Paper Wreath's

I decided that I just HAD to do one last post in 2012. While I've/ we've been creating many things, the time to edit pictures and write how to's to what we've been doing seems to have been very elusive...
My blog turned a year old as I was in final rehearsals for my winter theatrical performances. So Happy Birthday to Us!!(Giggle)
Now for the wreath info!
Tissue Paper Wreath

I got this idea from a mother who came into a class in which I assist in. I don't know where she got the idea, but I did embellish it as well as adjusted size and consistency. She also instructed the students to TIE the strips instead of my way of TWISTING them. I have found that twisting causes less paper ripping, but the tie seems more secure for younger kids.
There may be other instructions out there in blog land like this, but the ideas shown are 100% mine. Please link your Tissue Paper Wreath instruction and/or finished product from this tutorial in the comments. I'd love to see your creations!

Step One...
Collect your supplies...

-I got my supplies from a dry cleaners and Dollar Store. There are only 5 sheets or tissue paper in these packages so I filled with some left over sheets of tissue paper. You will need about 30 sheets of tissue paper for a really full wreath.

Step Two...

- Leaving the top hook on your hanger, Bend your hanger into a circle-ish shape. This doesn't have to be perfect.

Step Three...

- Measure your strips of Tissue paper. I took mine straight out of the package and cut into 4" strips/sections. You can go smaller but do not go smaller than 2" or larger than 5". The tissue paper strips just do not work or look right if they are too small or too big.

Step Four, Five and Six...

- Straighten out all your strips.

- Fold tissue paper strips in half. You can do thirds but these can be harder to work with and your finished Tissue Paper Wreath will be flatter.
- Cut Tissue Paper strips in half.

Step Seven, Eight and Nine
- Take one 1/2 strip and fold in half around the hanger. If your Tissue Paper has a printed side, but the printed sides together. You will "fluff" later and reveal the pattern.
- Pinch together tissue strips.
- Twist three or four times around.

- Continue placing tissue paper strips around the hanger. The more pieces the more fullness you have. And the more secure each paper.

You can make a different wreath for every holiday!

Fun and fast for all ages. This probably took us an hour for each wreath. But we didn't do it all at once. We worked on them for about 15 min a time.

- When your done with the Tissue Paper, ad other embellishments such as Christmas Balls, foam Hearts and snowflakes, ribbons... Glitter spray..., anything you can think of!

Now you can have a brightly colored wreath for any occasion for under $5! Woo hoo!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial of a Tissue Paper Wreath and that it was easy to follow. I Would love to hear your thoughts! Reply here- or find me on Facebook!


-Jamie M.

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Please forgive the lack of posts. I will return around Xmas.
This is where I've been! Please come support me!!
A Christmas Carol - Centerpoint theater
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Haunted Houses

We are busy getting things "dressed up" for this years Haunting Season...

Here's what we're working on...

What are YOU making?? Do you have any fun Haunted Houses? Comment with your link...

Happy Halloween!


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Hair Clip Bows

I'm just finishing up all my kids costumes for the play they are in. We are so excited! We hope you can come see them. Email me for details...
Anyway, I just finished their hair bows and thought I would share!
You will need ;
Fabric scraps
Glue gun & glue
Hair clips

Start by drawing out your pattern.

6 hearts to form a flower ( this can be as big or small as you like. ) My examples are 3" and 4"

Cut out your paper pattern and then place on the wrong side of your fabric for tracing and cutting.

You will need a minimum of 8 of these flowers. The max is up to you.

With wrong side of fabric up, Line up a petal slice with the opposite side and fold all your petals in half. Finger press.

Fold your petal in 1/2 again and finger press...

Cut a square of fabric. With wrong side up, sew a petal to it with the point in the middle.

Then continue adding petals with the centers touching until you have 4 in the petal pie. I sewed mine facing the same way (open of one touching fold of the next)

When you start your next row, overlap your petals. As in, the 2nd row start sewing over the cracks of your first row petals. I also reversed my pattern placement (I.e. open edges sewn close to fold edge)

Sew your next four. If you want it with more puffiness, keep adding rows of petal pie until you are happy with it.
Next, add the center of your flower. I have seem jewels glued in the centers, fabric buttons, big beads, flowers.... This is left up to you! Have fun!

Last you add the barrette. I hot glued mine..

Then folded the fabric around the clip and glued again...


Fabric fun!

3" on an 8 year old

4" on an 8 year old

As another thought for you, - I was trying to tie in all fabrics from her costume...., I made this double sided. I put the wrong sides of fabric together and then folded my petals. This clip has 8 petals of each fabric.

Have fun! And please!!!!! I'd love to see what you make so please share!

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I'm not lost!

I've been so busy with my projects I haven't finished the posts! I can't wait to share with you all I've done! I will soon be done with my kids costumes that I can share! Stay tuned... And thanks for following me!
Here's some sneak peaks!




And (of course...) CRAFTS!!

See ya soon!!!

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