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Jean Aprons

Something to do with the OLD JEANS!

Do you ever end up with basically new jeans with unfixable holes? Ones that no matter what technique you use the “fixed” wholes don’t make it thru a day?

Certainly you can always make them into shorts…. BUT REALLLY! How many shorts can one kid really wear? Especially if your girls are anything like mine and live in dresses and skirts in the summer….

Here are a couple jean apron Ideas!
I really liked the design on these capri’s. But the denim is the stretchy stuff and I didn’t know how to work with that material – successfully that is – so I ‘fussy cut’ out the pockets. I chose not to cut out the pocket lining in this project but you totally could to make maybe a double pocket.
I then CUT UP the inside seam and outside seam of both legs.
I made the strips the same length and width, and sewed them together to make the waist band.
Then I chose my fabric. This is a scrap piece of (I believe) burlap. It’s pretty stiff and heavy. I measured my daughter from hip to hip and outside lower thigh to outside lower thigh. Then I measured the fabric and cut it out into a rectangle. I may have mentioned before that I have been into quilting so the tools I am using are quilting stuff. You can use a rule and make light marks on your fabric with pencil or chalk. Then cut out with scissors. I turned over the edges a ¼ in and did a funky little design stitch all the way around.

Then I laid out my fussy cut pockets and decided that I didn’t like 4 little pockets. So I used 2 and made a big pocket out of the one of the leg pieces.
I thought that looked to plain so I chalked my daughter’s name on the pocket and used a tight zigzag stitch with a 5 length to put her name on the pocket. I ironed a ¼ inch seam
tuck on all my pocket edge and  sewed the three sides onto my fabric rectangle.
I measured an inch & 1/2 from the edge of my big pocket and sewed a line making pencil/pen pockets on both sides. Then I attached the waist band and a cool little iron on patch!


To make this lov’ly thing, you take your pants and cut them all the up the inner seam

Cut off the inner leg seam and bottom edge seams. Then square it off below the pockets. I measured my girl from chest before her armpit to the same on the other side, across the waist and across her hips and middle thighs. I measured that onto the open pant leg and cut curves to match her dimensions. Fussy cut out the pockets you want to use and sew them on to your liking. I had to put an apple patch on because I couldn't miss all the knee holes!
 SORRY I DON’T HAVE PICTURES! I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE AND NOW THAT IT’s MADE I CAN’T REDO THEM! Then I took 4” wide fabric ribbon and folded it in half and sewed it around the entire thing. I cut 2 30” pieces of ribbon and sewed them on each side to tie around her waist. And I cut on 15” piece of ribbon for the sewn in neck strap. If I ever do another one I will use Velcro on one side of the neck strap for easier adjusting to different size kids. My girls friends come over and this is one of the

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