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Guest Blog- Stuffing as my go-to thanksgiving dish

Guest post written by Molly Winston

Being single and without children during the holidays can be a little awkward when you're in a big family. But, my siblings have enough kids to kind of distract my parents from me not having my own family yet. But I also get out of hosting things like Thanksgiving, which is really nice. I just have to bring my own stuff and I also don't have to worry about cleaning my apartment for it. It's pretty awesome.

So instead I just bring whatever I want and my go-to is always stuffing. I try to find a different kind to wear every year. I was online looking through some recipes for stuffing when I ran across some info on internet services providers. I showed it to my roommate and after that I decided to change over our internet service to one of those providers.

I found this really fun stuffing recipe that has Indian spices in it and I decided to choose that one. IÕm just going to tell my family that itÕs spicy stuffing or my picky sister and her husband will be too afraid to eat it.

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