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Snow Crafts

Does your house feel a bit empty and un-festive when your Holiday Decor is removed?
I'm starting to miss my Christmas Decor already and I’ve hardly started in the pack-a-way process! My house already feels empty and I’m deciding on projects to try to feel the voids.... This year I’ve decided on planning a "Snow theme" until I get to decorate for Valentines. I have a really fun snowflake craft I am in the process of making that I will share with you soon….
But until then, check out these fun things to help fill the voids.

Snowman Bowling!
By Imagination Station
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(This is my first link so please be patient with my learning. Suggestions are welcome !Does the battle sport a such contour?)


critters and crayons said...

Good idea! I've been sad thinking about taking down our decor. Fall and Christmas decor is my favorite! I've got to find a theme- Snow seems a little ironic for south texas. Maybe cacti. haha!

JamieM. said...

LOL Critter! I have a friend that turns his Xmas tree into a Valentines one.... Maybe you can do that for a cacti! Haha!

The Mommies Made Me Do It said...

Love these ideas! Our deco theme this year is snow too!

safdar ali said...

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Ahmad Ali said...

Love these ideas Thanks for Sharing...
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